Using Uber, The Plus Points


The ride share industry has really taken off in the past years. It has gone from a selection of straggling taxi companies to grow into a multinational, multi billion dollars industry. With this wealth of options available to users comes the problem of choosing.


Making the right choice of which service to go for is now a huge task as the pros and cons of each of the popular service providers are not the only ones to be considered, black horses in the industry are also beginning to pull their weights.


Even though the service is flooded with a lot of competition, there is still a company that stands out as the pace setter and the one to beat in the industry. That honor belongs squarely to the giant called Uber.


With the most patronage and widest network of ride share service in the world, Uber is undoubtedly the number one company in the industry.


So you want to try out this thing called ride sharing and as a first timer, there are a lot of things that you are curious about. When signing up for the service, you definitely want to ensure that you are making the right choice.


Due to its popularity, your first obvious choice most likely is Uber. You might want to know exactly what set Uber apart from the rest. This article is here to guide you through the pros of using Uber at lyft coupon.




High Quality Of Their Service

If you go through a review of Uber on the internet, a constant in a major part of these is customers rating the quality of their service as high. The quality of service rendered by Uber is up there will any other company in the industry. They make high quality of service a benchmark for all their drivers. Before a driver is approved for Uber, he or she is first trained on customer relationship and. They are mostly well trained, easy to communicate and work with and very friendly with their customers. Having a great relationship with your customers increases the trust points and that is an area Uber is really banking on.


Most of their drivers are assigned to jobs around the areas they know very well, most times areas they themselves live in. For this reason, they are able to get their customers to their destinations as fast as humanly possible as they know the traffic patterns and all quite well. Also, with them being assigned to places they live, it’s quite likely that when Uber assigns a driver to you, it’s someone you already know from the neighborhood. Imagine calling on Uber for a taxi and when your ride shows up some minutes later, it turns out to be someone you usually run into at the local grocery store. People tend to feel safer when they are dealing with people they know


As they drive you to your destination, they can hold conversations with you if you are the conversing type and ensure you are comfortable throughout the drive. And if you are averse to small talks and chit chats, well it’s your money, anything you want you get. Uber ensures that the cars they use are as comfortable as possible and in a clean condition.


For cars that are privately owned, their respective drivers ensure they do everything they can do to make the ride as enjoyable as possible for their client. Road transportation can be a hassle sometimes, but when you use Uber, you are sure of having a comfortable and stylish drive notwithstanding the type of car provided for you. Private owed or not, Uber ensures you get premium value for your money.


Reasonable Pricing System

Quality service and high price most times go hand in hand like Siamese twins, but Uber renders their service with a reasonably fair pricing system for when there is a free road and when there is traffic. This means you get quality service at a price that won’t dig a large hole in your wallet.

The pricing system is transparent and very easy to understand. It’s the standard procedure for taxis to charge their clients per mile travelled. Uber’s pricing system also works in a similar way to the industry standard.

For every mile travelled with a speed higher than 11 miles per hour, Uber charges you a fixed price and if your speed drops below the 11 miles per hour threshold, the charging system changes to a per minute system where you are charged for every minute you spend on the road.



This change in the pricing system is to protect the driver as speeds less than 11 miles per hour is indicative of heavy traffic or when stuck at a red light.

The driver gets to make fair money for the time spent stuck in traffic and you get the full hospitality package offered by Uber.

From time to time, Uber runs promotions and give deals and coupons to their users.

This is their way of marketing and giving back to their regular customers, so keep your eyes opened for offers and promotions you can take advantage of.


There is little chance of making mistakes on the app as it will ask for you to confirm all the information you supplied before your request is sent. It gives step by step instructions on the next steps to take in operating it.

As you can see, Uber is the total package for easy, hassle free transportation. Added to this is the fact that they are available in a large number of cities all over the world, so you know you are in safe hands.