Are Dental Implants Painful

Dental implants are the perfect alternative for dentures, root canals, and bridges. But unlike other dental treatments, the procedure for implants requires you to go through a surgery. That is why a lot of patients are curious whether dental implants are painful or not. 

Dental implants are the best solution that can restore your smile. You can have dental implants in Chicago at reasonable rates. But patients avoid it as they are afraid of the pain the surgery might cause. 

There are two parts of the whole process – the surgery and the healing. Here’s what you might feel at both stages: 


In case you are receiving single implants, the doctor will numb the area with local anaesthesia. Due to the anaesthetic, you will not feel any pain as the doctor drills the implants into your jawbone. 

Moreover, the jawbone cannot send any pain signals as it does not have such nerves. The only thing you will experience is tingling and a little pressure on the jawbone. 

Even if you are having a full dental implant surgery, you won’t feel any pain or even be aware of the surgery due to the anaesthesia. 


Once the anaesthesia wears off, there will be some tenderness in the jawbone during the first few days. Even if you experience any pain, it will be bearable and manageable. You can ask the doctor for a pain reliever. In case you feel unmanageable pain, you should go to a doctor for some medical attention.  


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Usually, dental implants are not painful, and even if they are, you can always seek professional help to deal with it. You need to be careful with the healing process as it can damage your implants and cause you a lot of pain. The implants should be able to fuse with the jawbone without any disturbance.